Musical Chairs

I went to drop off my daughter's tuition at her school one day and as I was waiting for my receipt we got on the subject about loyalty to a stylist. The director of my daughters school had been going to her stylist faithfully for the past 6 years and said that she intended to stay with her because she has learned her hair and she gives her the services that she needs. I commend her for that because there are so many clients who are hopping from chair to chair just to catch the best deal. I say stop playing MUSICAL CHAIRS!!!

Most clients do not understand the harm that they are doing to their hair when they go from chair to chair. Number one the most dangerous is the mixing of different products and chemicals. Product lines are formulated differently and sometimes, when mixed, can cause serious damage. For example you went to Stylist A to receive a relaxer. She relaxes your hair with brand A that is calcium based relaxer. Six weeks later you then go to stylist B who relaxes your hair with product B which is a guanidine based relaxer and then you start to notice breakage in your hair. The first thing you are going to do is immediately blame stylist B for the issue when in fact you were the cause of the issue because you played musical chairs. The two type of relaxers mixed will cause breakage and damage. Secondly, you are not giving a stylist time to learn your hair and properly treat it. Third, but not last, is you get what you pay for. If you are going from chair to chair based upon who has the cheapest prices or because they are running a special then that's what you should expect to get from your service. Nine out ten times unprofessional products are being used on your hair and you are receiving unprofessional service. So is it really worth it?

My professional advice is to find a stylist who fits you and stick with them. If you are in search for a new stylist make sure you know what products are being used on your hair so you can give that information to the next potential stylist. Do your research before you book and appointment to eliminate having to sit in so many different chairs, referrals are always best. Having a regular stylist and visiting your stylist on a regular basis will ensure that you hair is receiving the best care (that is if you have made sure that you have an educated stylist). Musical chairs should be played by children, not by clients.

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