Jess Get Styled "Is your Stylist Educated?"

You don't how many clients have sat in my chair and have said to me that the previous stylist never told them about their hair or told them what they are doing to their hair and why, or haven't even taken the time to talk to teach them about the importance of keeping their hair healthy. This amazed me and was the kick start to my blogging/ vlogging, I needed to get the information out.

Before I dig in let me formally introduce myself.

I am Jessica Grant, also known as Jess Stylin, stylist and owner of Blush Salon in Columbia, SC. I have been a licensed stylist for 14 years and styling is my passion. I graduate from Kenneth Shuler School of Cosmetology in December of 2002. I won't lie to you, it was not as easy as you may think and a few times I thought about dropping out because I could not deal with bull and the drama, but that's for another blog for another day (LOL). As most successful stylist will tell you, I have been doing hair since a little girl, cutting and burning up barbie dolls hair left and right. As I think back I can't believe the number of friends and family who came to Jessica's kitchen salon and allowed me to so their hair. I am thankful for them because they saw the vision and allowed me to literally practice on them, thank God I didn't cause anyone to loose their hair. Along my career I married my wonderful husband Quency Jr, and was blessed with three beautiful children, Quency III, Braylen, and Gabrielle. Becoming a Cosmetologist has always been a dream of mine so it's never a job for me.

Now that you have a little background about me let's dive in. I believe that education is a very important factor in the Cosmetology profession. This industry is ever evolving and changing and new research is providing more accurate information about the structure of hair giving us more knowledge to better care for the clients hair. I take classes on a regular basis outside of my required 12 hours of continuing education. Is your stylist doing the same? If a stylist isn't properly educated how can they possibly educate you on keeping your hair healthy, how will you ever achieve your hair goals?...And I know you have them. I know that there is someone reading this blog who is asking why should they care if the stylist is educated, as long as their hair looks good that is all that matters. No, that is not all that matters, it may look good now but I promise in the future it will not. If the integrity of the hair is compromised it could cause some permanent and irreversible damage. One of the most common being alopecia. Alopecia is not just hereditary any more, it is an effect of improper hair care. The most common being tension or traction alopecia which is caused by repeat tension to the hair. Excessively tight braids, dreads, ponytails,and heat along with other factors can cause the onset of traction alopecia. These are things that your stylist should and must know. If you are receiving any chemical service you better make sure that your stylist knows what they are doing or you could find your hair down the drain and not on your head or you may go in the salon with blonde hair and wanting to go back dark but you end up with green hair, can your stylist fix this, the better question is could they have avoided this? Do they even know why it happened? These are the things that most clients don't even think about, but you should.

Having an educated stylist is very important and vital to the success or the demise of your hair. Don't be afraid to see what your stylist or potential stylist knows (In a respectable and tasteful way). Listen to the way they talk and their ability to answer questions that you may have. Now don't get this twisted and say your'e just going to do your hair yourself, that's in a blog to come, because that is even worse and then you will enter into the awful world of color correction for bad hair color and treatments and cuts for damaged hair. Doing your hair at home or going to the kitchen beautician to save a few dollars will harm you and cost you more in the end than if you had just found an educated stylist that was a perfect fit for you. My advice: just find the stylist that is best fit for you who is educated and knows their profession. Do your research!!

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